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A dog has basic needs physically but also psychologically. Every dog has had a different experience but they all must learn to trust. A dog won’t submit if the dog feels the owner can’t provide for or protect him. The fact that the owner is able to provide for and protect the dog has to be established and communicated to the dog in the dog’s language. The owner also has to understand the dog’s different behaviors and motivation for these behaviors in order to correct the dog’s negative behavior. Behaviors do not get better by themselves or just go away. The behavior has to be corrected! A dog has to be shown boundaries and taught obedience. We are able to successfully retrain dogs… a dog can learn new tricks!

Degression is necessary when certain aggressive behaviors are observed. There are many different types of combative behaviors. Some of which include fear aggression, territorial aggression, protective aggression, dominance aggression, and dog on dog aggression but the most important thing to know is all types of aggression can be fixed. We will identify the root of the behavior and effectively suppress the negative behavior.

Our Philosophy

Each program is uniquely catered to your specific needs for your dog and your lifestyle. We train the dog and the parents in a home environment in order to address real life concerns and situations. There are different obedience programs according to the obedience level you need. What type of obedience do you desire for your dog?


  • Basic Leash Obedience includes training your dog to obey using different leash techniques (4 weeks). With lease obedience, your dog will be able to walk beside you in a controlled manner and be able to follow the commands of HEEL, SIT, DOWN, WAIT, STAND, and STAY along with 3 types of COME.
  • Off Leash Obedience includes training your dog a combination of leash techniques and vocal commands (6 weeks). With off leash obedience, your dog will be able to follow the commands of HEEL, SIT, DOWN, WAIT, and COME while off the leash.
  • Advanced Obedience includes training your dog to obey advanced commands (6 weeks). These advanced commands are comprised of your dog being able to follow the commands of WALKING SIDEWAYS, BACKWARD, GO THROUGH, AND BACK UP. Commands can be tailored to your specific needs.
  • Hand Signal Obedience includes training your dog to be able to follow the hand signal commands for HEEL, SIT, DOWN, WAIT, and COME. (4 weeks)
  • Protection Work includes basic commands such as TURN ON, TURN OFF, BITE WORD, and HOLD. This type of program is dictated by the parent of the dog.

*Please note that Protection Work can NOT be done unless your dog has off leash obedience first!

* All commands can absolutely be catered to your lifestyle needs!

Our Attention to Details

Lessons are done in the privacy of the parent’s home and are customized to the particular needs of the parent. We teach the parents how to train the dog in their own home. Parents can teach their dogs how to be obedient in real time (not in a controlled environment) and under real life situations.

  • Each training program package is 10 sessions each.
  • One session is 1 hour long AND includes homework.
  • There will be goals to reach.
  • There is a teach technique and command associated with each session and once completed, you can advance to the next session.

*There is no specific timeframe for advancing to the next lesson. You can go at the pace that is comfortable for you and your dog.

About Us

K-9 Express has been training dogs for more than 20 years and has been featured as a dog training specialist on CNN, PBS, and Fox Network. The company was first established in Brooklyn, New York, in 1995, and has developed into a mature, multi-dimensional, dog training organization. We offer dog training that encompasses various levels of obedience and commands through positive and negative reinforcement. We feel it is vitally important to train the dog in a home environment under actual real life conditions (not a kennel or controlled environment) and personalized to the exact needs of the parent. We then transition the dog into its own home environment. Our methods have been tested and have proven results. The success of K-9 Express has given us the opportunity to have lifetime clients who refer other families and return when there is a new addition to their family. It is truly a family affair as we have a fervent passion for what we do!

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